AVI Hotspot Kit ??

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1993
Description:It is something else. Came as a set of archives. No installer, nothing. It is the only way to use it would be copy to disk c and create new program group in Windows Manager. The disclaimer says everything: " COMMENTS ON HOTSPOT VIEWER by Wayne Radinsky, Multimedia Developer Relations Group The hotspot viewing code runs in three environments: as a standalone, as a VBX control, and from within the Multimedia viewer. To allow this, and at the expense of readability, there are lots of #ifdef's for VIEWER or VB_VERSION... watch for these if you cut and paste. As a standalone, the hotspot viewer works fine, but under viewer it has some problems: you can advance to the next topic, but the video won't go away, for example. Instead, it keeps playing merrily along. A more elegant way of handling this might be to change it from a DLL that shares the Viewer's window to a Viewer embedded pane, and have the embedded pane respond to any messages that indicate when the video should go away. Under the Visual Basic development environment, the VBX works fine, however, when you tell VB to "Make EXE", the resulting EXE GP Faults. The cause of this is unknown, we suspect some initialization code that VB runs in the development environment is needed to make the EXE work. Unfortunately this means the VBX can't be used unmodified for VB development. In all environments (VB/Viewer/Standalone), a minor but annoying problem we ran across is that there is no way to stop the video. You could, of course, include a hotspot that jumps to the last frame of the video -- that would stop it, all right, but leave the wrong frame on the screen and cause a delay as well. All in all, we thought that you would benefit from having the code as is, in spite of such imperfections; there is plenty here that can be reused. "
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#23829hotavi.iso26.8 MB0x2872C422

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