CorelDRAW! 2.0

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Corel Systems
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#3653corel2.zip3.9 MB0x2A3772EB

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On Sunday December 13, 2020 Peter Richards said:

Corel started in a small office in Toronto, CA. CorelDRAW 1.x through vers 3.x was some of the buggiest stuff ever. We were on beta team for them as we ran a yellow pages directory company in Seattle, and were cost adverse to Apple/Adobe and other high priced options.
CorelDraw 4 was the first really reliable version that wouldnt crash on simple things like importing a bitmap. When 5.x came along it was finally a stable and incredibly great value for the money. They included THOUSANDS of fonts for free, clipart like crazy before you could just download it anywhere. They then bought WordPerfect and a number of other name brand but smaller software houses. Tried to branch out in video editing as well as adding a competent bitmap/photo editing suite to CorelDRAW Suite. Although Photoshop was hard pressed to be de-throned in that arena.

On Saturday September 7, 2013 Sonic Man said:

Didn't Corel buy out DrawPerfect and turn it into what it is today?

On Monday June 9, 2008 DJ_DEXTER (guest) said:

Muy buen programa para el olvidado windows 3.0, lo malo es que no permitia colores
aun asi aun puede usarse

On Tuesday March 11, 2008 Alan (guest) said:

CorelDraw 2 is a Win 3 illustration app -- drawing not painting -- very user friendly. Note that it only uses its own fonts, this was before Truetype.