Doom 1.90

Category: Games
Year: 1998
Manufacturer: Wildcard Design
Localization: EN

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#21498doom_19_x86.rar1.8 MB0xD0CDF10F

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On Sunday November 17, 2019 ThyPersonalSnoop said:

In the middle of the 90ies, there were a series of 3D splatter orgies.
As first step in making commercial games by "Wildcard Design, Inc.", BeOS has its own portations of that times famous titles like "Dumb", "Neurotic" or "Vixen" (in the last one you don't fight any bumptious bra burner, although such one seems to be more than overdue).
I think, the whole genre is no highlight for BeOS. It's "Quirk³". There were been other titles desirably to port, which had a more sophisticated or parodistic story like
"Fade to Black" (Electronic Arts, 1995)
"Star Wars : Dark Forces" (LucasArts, 1995)
"Thor's Hammer" (MVP Software, 1995)
"Rex Blade" (Xtreme Games, 1996)
"Redneck Rampage" (Xatrix Entertainment, 1997)