Doom 1.92

Category: Games
Year: 2000
Manufacturer: Wildcard Design
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21501doom_192.zip2.6 MB0xEDF680CA

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On Wednesday November 20, 2019 Roger Winthorpe said:

Welcome to the BeOS version of Doom, by Wildcard Design, Incorporated.
Before you can play the first time, you must extract the doom1.wad file
from the archive, using the script. Simply open
a terminal, change into the Doom directory, and type ''
Once it is finished, you should have a doom1.wad file in the Doom directory.
If you are not getting any music (or are crashing!), and there's no file in your /boot/beos/etc/synth/ directory, try this at a
ln -s /boot/beos/etc/synth/Patches30​0.hsb /boot/beos/etc/synth/big_synth​.sy
This will put in a link that the midi synthesiser needs to play midi music.
Keyboard shortcuts:
To use keyboard shortcuts, first hold down the left "Windows" key, (left
"Option" key for Mac's) followed by the shortcut key. To switch between full
and windowed screen modes, use the keyboard shortcut. To switch to
double pixeling (in window mode), use the keyboard shortcut. To switch
back to single pixeling (in window mode), use the keyboard shortcut.
Networked games:
To play a networked game, each player should type
Doom -net [ ...]
where host1...host3 are the name or ip addresses of the OTHER people playing.
IE. If two people are playing, one with IP address, the other, the first person would type 'Doom -net 1' and the
second would type 'Doom -net 2'.
Legal Notice:
The files contained in this directory (except those owned by Id software, which
have their own license) and its subdirectories (or in an archive) may not be
distributed without the prior written authorization from Wildcard Design,
This game is provided without warranty of any kind.
For questions or comments, please email our customer support at Id Software in no way supports this version of Doom, so
please don't email them.