LapLink 6

Category: Communication
Year: 1994
Manufacturer: Traveling Software
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#4052LapLink 6.zip1.9 MB0x4082EDAD

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On Tuesday December 13, 2016 Highwinder said:

What is not mentioned here is that LapLink 6 was the first version of lapLink that included absolutely miraculous remote control/screen capabilities between networked Windows PCs. It was the network administrator's dream come true. LapLink (and pcAnywhere from Symantec) ruled the remote computing world until Microsoft started building Remote Desktop directly into Windows (which Microsoft actually bought from Citrix). Though this ultimately killed off both LapLink and pcAnywhere products, it ushered in remote computing the way it was actually mean to be. However, LapLink 6 is the product that started it all. It was a truly miraculous product that astounded people when they saw it run. Even back in the 90s, LapLink ran much better than VNC does even today.

On Friday December 22, 2006 guest (guest) said:

Software for creating serial links between two PCs. You can boot strap the software from the PC with laplink installed, to the other by just running DOS commands on the target PC. Before prevalence of network cards in everything used to be great for rescuing data off dying computers.