MacOS Source Code 7.1

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:Source Code to MacOS 7.1 It's a mixture of assembly, C. Kind of funny how everything is passed as PASCAL, much like some other popular windowing system of the 1990s
Manufacturer: Apple
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15666MacOS7.1.7z4.1 MB0x2F3814A2

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On Thursday November 14, 2019 Ignas79 said:

can confirm that the .a files contain assembler

On Wednesday July 3, 2019 maw said:

the .a files contain assembler code and arent static libarys ;)

On Saturday September 29, 2018 whistler_wmz said:

Just a bunch of .a files and no interesting source code here :(