Perks 2.12 for Zenith Z-100

Category: Utility
Year: 1986
Description:Perks-PC is a set of terminate-and-stay-resident utilities originally designed for the Zenith Z-100 and optimized for use on laptop computers. It features a notepad, typewriter tool, a four-function calculator, appointment calendar, card file, a rudimentary telecommunications program with file transfer abilities, and alarm clock. Important: This release is for Zenith Z-100 computers ONLY. The Zenith Z-100 series was not IBM PC hardware compatible, therefore this program will not run correctly on IBM PCs, IBM PC clones, or IBM PC emulators.
Manufacturer: Barry A. Watzman
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23976Perks 2.12 for Zenith Z-100 (1986) (5.25-160k) [Zenith Z-100].7z10 MB0xF77216CA

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