SoftICE for DOS 2.80 2.80

Category: Other
Year: 1997
Description:SoftICE is a kernel mode debugger. Included in this download: FIX8X14B.ZIP FIX8X14 - 8x14 font fixer; MSUB13.ZIP Msub - Search and replace tool; OWL-ICE2.ZIP Avoid SoftICE detection; S-ICE280.ZIP SoftICE for DOS 2.80; SICE-DOC.ZIP SoftICE for DOS 2.50 manual (TXT and WP5); SICETOOL.ZIP SoftICE utils; SIUG.PDF SoftICE for DOS 2.80 manual (PDF)
Manufacturer: NuMega
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23704SoftICE for DOS 2.80 + extras.zip953.3 KB0x3039939F

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