Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Category: Games
Year: 1993
Description:"Sequel to the award-winning Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Judgment Rites brings back the entire Enterprise crew in 8 all new episodes. Strange things are happening in distant space, such as dead planets spawning life and WW1 planes in outer space. You need to survive these situations. You must navigate your way through space, and send away teams onto planets to investigate situations, communicate with other characters and solve puzzles. Unlike the previous game, action sequences are optional" - Moby Games.
Manufacturer: Interplay
Localization: EN

Files to download

#9354STJR-1.rar4 MB0xFFEA482F
#9355STJR-2.rar4.1 MB0xEA9EA394
#9356STJR-3.rar3 MB0x47FBF62A
#9357STJR-4.rar5 MB0xAA11E73C
#9358STJR-5.rar5.2 MB0x87F28F28

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