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Dreams to Reality

Third-person action-adventure game. Tried, tested and successfully run on a Windows 10 machine. Should probably also run on Virtual/Real Windows 98 systems. 1. CD ISO Files (in *.cue/*.bin format) are found in the "CDs" folder 2. Manuals (ie,: i) Manual (Original), ii) Manual in English (Translated using Google Translate), iii) Controls, iv) Audio CD Playback instructions) are found in the “Manuals” folder. 3. The file "Readme_IMP.txt" is also located in the *.zip file and contains some solutions to some random game quirks that you may encounter. IMP: a) The above have been compressed into a *.zip that has been split into two parts due to the maximum limit of 1GB per file by Vetusware. b) The English Manual is an Unofficial translation from the German Manual that I made, by extracting the texts from pages as images, running them through Google Translate and replacing the texts into the pages and re-combining them back using a Pdf Editor into a single Pdf file. I have used the translated texts without editing as they came back as *.png/*.jpg files and any grammatical errors that may be present are on the part of the Google translate engine.