2M 3.0 - Source Code 3.0

Category: System
Year: 1995
Description:After being executed without options, the program becomes resident in memory to support 2M disks built by 2MF. 2M is a ®CARDWARE¯ package. The distribution is only authorized WITHOUT MODIFY. How to get the complete package and license information with 2M /L. þ 2M requires: - An AT or above computer with diskette drives correctly set on SETUP. - At least one high-density floppy drive (double ones are not drived). - 5168 bytes of upper memory or 5264 bytes of conventional memory instead. - DOS and/or WINDOWS 3.X system, another environs are not still supported. - 2MF utility program to format 2M diskettes. þ 2M gives you: - Support for diskettes from 902K (5¬-DD) up to 3772K (3«-ED) on A: and B:. - INT 13h code improves a new 2M format service for high-level applications.
Manufacturer: Ciriaco Garc¡a de Celis
Localization: ES

Files to download

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