Apple Guided Tour of Macintosh (alt) Jan 1984

Category: System
Year: 1984
Description:Documentation Part Number: Disk 690-5002A, Audio Cassette 942-0387A (Side 1:027-0013A, Side 2: 027-0014A) This is a software and audio cassette demonstration of the Apple Macintosh. It visually guides you through the use of Macintosh, the Finder, and typical Macintosh applications. This disk contains a customized pre-release of the Macintosh System Software. (System 0.85 Finder 1.0). Most notably, the system icons still show a Macintosh with a Twiggy 5.25" floppy drive. Additionally, this finder does not hide the "desktop" file, which causes a slight visual glitch in one of the demonstrations. To use this software, boot this disk in an emulator or on a real Macintosh and begin playing the included cassette tape audio file. Important: This software is very buggy. It is only intended for the original Macintosh 128k. It may crash or run too fast in emulators.
Manufacturer: Apple
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23967Apple Guided Tour of Macintosh (Jan 1984) (3.5-400k) (alt).7z297.8 KB0x1CD2D0E9

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