Apple MacPaint 1.0 (MacWrite 1.0) Jan 1984

Category: System
Year: 1984
Description:This is the first version of Apple's word processor and drawing program bundled with their Macintosh computers. At release, MacWrite and MacPaint were basically the only software available for the Macintosh. As such, they were influential in defining what the Macintosh was and how users interacted with it. Important: MacPaint 1.0 will ONLY run on Macintosh 128k, 128ke, 512k, and 512ke machines. It will not run on a Macintosh Plus or later. If you attempt to do so, you will receive the error "There is not enough room in memory for MacPaint".
Manufacturer: Apple
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23968Apple MacPaint 1.0 (MacWrite 1.0) (Jan 1984) (3.5-400k).7z1.2 MB0xCF557D88

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