Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0c

Category: Office
Year: 2007
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#3458ms_word_2_0c_en.rar8.2 MB0xA23D00A4

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On Tuesday March 24, 2020 SoftWitch said:

Security Essentials does know nothing about 16-bit software nor about DOS viruses.

On Tuesday April 12, 2016 Raistlin001 said:

Security Essentials reported this file was infected with a virus.

On Thursday August 20, 2015 Ish Theilheimer said:

Dumb question: I've downloaded the file to install Word 2.0, but I have no idea what to do with it and how to make it install. It's an IMG file, as you probably know? Please advise. I LOVE Word 2.0 and would hate to be deprioved of it and its time-saving features now that I have a hot new puter. Thanks

On Wednesday October 15, 2014 Houndoom said:

virtual pc doesnt support imz no thank u

On Monday August 11, 2014 mammutfrozen said:

Thanks, successfuly installed and working in windows 7 x86 with virtual floppy drive.

On Saturday December 3, 2011 ahmed1428 said:

great software


On Wednesday May 19, 2010  said:

Is this a install floppy or CD?
But great software still.


On Saturday January 30, 2010 shadowraptor said:

its cool how MS word 2 is 20 years old but people still use it


On Thursday September 10, 2009 R G Milford said:

To get Word 20.c to run on a computer running Windows XP you need to install file MAPI.DLL to the:
C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory
to obviate it being called each time you start Word.
You can find this file at:​dex/dll-files.shtml?mapi
or find it within Widows 95.


On Tuesday October 28, 2008 floyda said:

Actually this runs quite nicely under Windows XP. it can also run installed on a flash drive. it reports a missing DLL but still seems to work


On Thursday June 26, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Like it is said above: Word 2.0 is enough for the ordenary user. Would be nice if someone would make a clone containing all these features of 2.0c and make it to a single exe file to a portable software. This and spread32 as Excel clone should be a good add-on for a standard windows install.

On Saturday May 26, 2007 abdul ahad (guest) said:

IMHO Microsoft Word 2.0c is more than enough as a word processor for an ordinary user. The only feature absent is long file names.
It is a pity we are forced to upgrade to the latest versions in order to keep up with the rest of the world, because a large number of "new features" in the "latest software" are hardly used by an ordinary user.

On Tuesday April 3, 2007 IT (guest) said:

Word is the best processor for documents
and is only comptible with 3.1

On Wednesday January 11, 2006 guest (guest) said:

Simply the best version of MS Word ever. this is the version i was taught on in 1992.