QEMM-386 6.04 6.04

Category: System
Year: 1993
Description:This archive contains a 720KB floppy image containing QEMM-386 v6.04 dated 5th March 1993. A few notes. I found v6.04 on a RUSSIAN site with a "crack" program to install it. The crack did NOT work but I was able to extract the files from QEMM386.QIP using a copy of QUNPACK.EXE I have. The INSTALL.EXE file in the download is for DESQView/X so that may be the original source. The resulting files seem genuine (unhacked and virus free) but would NOT run (gave an "unregistered" message). Copying them to a floppy together with INSTALL.EXE from v6.02 allowed QEMM to be registered (using any 6.xx serial number) and installed. It then ran. To my knowledge 6.04 was the last 6.xx version. QEMM v7.00 is dated 8th June 1993.
Manufacturer: Quarterdeck Office Systems
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23664QEMM604.zip322.6 KB0xBF266C53

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On Monday August 28, 2023 wizman said:

Interesting. You did a lot of research and work to get this amd get it working. Thanks.