Tracker.NewFS 3.0 Beta 7c

Category: System
Year: 2005
Description:With the release of Tracker.NewFS 3.0 Beta 7, there is theming support for tracker and MIME icons. There is a new setting called "Themes" in the trackersettings to switch between themes easily. By default, there are no themes included in the tracker package. ---
Manufacturer: Michael Lotz
Localization: EN

Files to download

#19971crystal-20041224.zip1022.1 KB0xE311FD74
#19972gartoon-20050118.zip233.7 KB0x85400DD5
#19973icosx-20041224.zip1.3 MB0x4A4D5B9B
#19974kids-20050103.zip2.4 MB0x344029E6
#19975nuvola-20050103.zip2.8 MB0xF69011F9
#19970Tracker.NewFS3.0-beta7c.rar1.1 MB0x1079BBCF

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