WinRIX 1.2 OEM

Category: Office
Year: 1993
Description:Winrix is a drawing and image editing tool that support both vector and raster graphic editing. It includes a number of image adjustment options, filters, and a screen shot tool. This version is an OEM version, and will refuse to run if you do not have the OEM card it was sold with. To work around this, you can change the bytes in the WR.EXE as follows: 3D 00 00 75 03 E9 17 00 6A to 3D 00 00 90 90 E9 17 00 6A
Manufacturer: RIX SoftWorks
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#23857WinRIX 1.2 OEM (1993) (5.25-1.2mb).7z1.4 MB0xCF4EE882

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