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Account Express 1.2 1.2

ACCOUNT EXPRESS HISTORY ------------------------- Copyright (C) 2000, FELITEC Inc. This file contains a list of changes made to Account Express since its first publication (version 1.0). Version 1.2 - 2000/07/03 ------------------------ Enhancements: In the transaction lists, transactions that have not yet been cleared now appear in bold in order to make it easier to distinguish between cleared and non-cleared transactions. Also in the transaction lists, transactions with a date passed the current system date now appear in color maroon instead of black in order to make it easier to distinguish them from the transactions having a date prior or equal to the current system date. Two new buttons ('New' and 'Edit') were added to the transaction details panel as another mean for adding or editing transactions. Bug fixes: When resizing the tree-list view to its minimum size, it becomes impossible to resize it back to its original or any other visual size. Version 1.2 fixes this problem. In very rare and specific circumstances, it is possible to create two categories with the same name. The system should never allow this to happen as this could have very unpredic- table results. Version 1.2 fixes this problem. Version 1.1 - 2000/03/26 ------------------------ Enhancements: Support for currency format defined in regional settings. Support for three-letter month when defined by the short-date format in regional settings. This option changes slightly the way a date is selected from a date field. Before saving a file, if the file already exists, the file is renamed with the extension '.~acx' so the user can return to the previous version of the file if necessary. When a grid loses the focus, the color of the currently selected row in the grid now changes to a different color to make it easier to distinguish whether the grid has the focus or not. ====================================================================